2000 Litre Short Slimline Water Tank

2000 Litre Short Slimline Water Tank


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Brand New, can come in a range of colours and a 10 to 14 day waiting time.

Size is 1680mm L x 780mm W x 2030mm H

10 Years Manufacturers Warranty is also included.


Tanks are Manufactured To Australian Standards AS/NZS 4766:2006

AS/NZS 4766:2006 – Polyethylene storage tanks for water and chemicals

AS/NZS 4766 is an Australian and New Zealand Standard written for polyethylene water tanks, to ensure these tanks have been properly designed and manufactured to be fit for purpose for the length of their warranty life. Certification to AS/NZS4766 provides independent assurance of a manufacturer’s claim that their products comply with the standard.

Product shows that Rotoplus has met the rigorous requirements of product specific standards, with ongoing monitoring of certified products to ensure that their safety and quality are maintained.

AS/NZS 4766 specifies requirements for the design and manufacture of polyethylene storage tanks that are rotationally moulded in one-piece seamless construction. The tanks are for non-buried, vertical installations and capable of containing water, liquids used in food and beverage manufacture and chemical solutions at atmospheric temperatures.

The objective of AS/NZS 4766 is to ensure secure storage of water and other liquids or chemicals, to ensure performance and workmanship of the finished tank is adequate for the intended application, to ensure fittings are suitable for the intended application, and to specify design criteria and material selections to ensure the above.

Accreditation to this standard gives independent verification that the requirements for raw material to show compliance under AS/NZS4766 and have been type tested to show compliance to the potable water requirements under AS/NZS4020 “Products for use in contact with drinking water” and with AS/NZS2070 “Plastics materials for food contact use”.

Independent test reports from accredited laboratories for raw materials and fittings have been assessed for compliance to applicable standards, as specified in AS/NZS4766, to ensure compliance of the manufactured tanks and fittings, thereby providing assurance of a reliable and dependable final product.

Tank material is UV stabalised, providing maximum protection against harmful UV rays and excludes sunlight to prevent algae growth.

Tank design is analysed by a qualified professional engineer, with calculations for wall, roof and base thickness specified for a number of positions and verified via ultrasonic measurements for every tank manufactured.

Tank impact strength is tested on specimens conditioned at -40°C for a specified period of time, so as to ensure moulding of a quality part with good impact resistance, thereby resulting in excellent strength and superior crack resistance.

Certification of the manufactured tanks to the Standard is not only a product risk management strategy, but also provides a long term strategy for managing the quality of the products and the health of the rotational moulding industry in Australia


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